Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls 24/7 After-Hours and On-Site Emergency Support

Call 800-289-2757

If no response, please contact one of the other Group CBS affiliate companies at the numbers provided below.

Shop Services: Our modern shop facilities coupled with our skilled engineers and technicians can provide comprehensive, quality repair, rebuild, and life extension capabilites.

Inventory: As a member of Group CBS, we have the largest inventory of low and medium voltage power equipment available in North America. Plus we have literally millions of parts in stock.

On-site Services: On-site emergency field service, including electrical testing and repair, is available. We have aircraft, hot-shot trucks, and complete mobile electrical workshops immediately available.

Equipment Rental: Our extensive inventory of circuit breakers, motor control, switchgear, transformers and other electrical apparatus is available for rental as well as purchase.

If there is no response at our 24/7 number 800-289-2757, don’t give up… try the next number on the list below.


Other Group CBS Emergency Contacts:

For Emergency Service or Sales Support for All Group CBS Products, contact:
Bill Schofield | Cell: 214-673-2710

For Replacement Parts and Assemblies, contact:
Tim Brewer | Cell: 940-736-4353

For Worldwide Switchgear or Circuit Breaker Parts or Emergency Assistance, contact:
Tim Brewer | Cell: 940-736-4353

For Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Gainesville, TX After-Hours Support, contact:
Justin Brewer | Cell: 940-736-1799

For Emergency Service for Molded Case Circuit Breakers or Insulated Case Breakers, contact:
Roland Munguia | Cell: 214-675-8706

For Emergency Service for Low Voltage Motor Control, contact:
Bill Schofield | Cell: 214-673-2710

For Emergency Service for Replacement Vacuum Interrupters, contact:
Julia Neves | Cell: 940-391-0717

For Emergency Service or After-Hours Support of ArcSafe Products, contact:
Ashley Ledbetter | Cell: 940-736-0943

For Sales and Service in Southeastern U.S. for all Group CBS products, contact:
Scott Peterson | Cell: 704-681-1283

For Midwest Emergency Service or On-Site Field Service, contact:
Greg Ellis | Cell: 918-520-7999

For Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Emergency Service or On-Site Field Service, contact:
Matt Brierley | Cell: 203-605-0962

For Western U.S. Emergency Service or On-Site Field Service, contact
Craig Archer | Cell: 206-300-4575

The buck stops here… I’m Finley Ledbetter, president of Group CBS, Inc. I assume you’re here because you can’t reach us at our offices because it’s after business hours or it’s the weekend or a holiday. So email me directly — I check my email frequently.

Go here for information and a link to the website of each Group CBS affiliated company.