A Devotion to Disruption

Investments in research and systems and a willingness to embrace the market’s changes show why Group CBS may be the most interesting business in the electrical industry.

Oct 1, 2015 Doug Chandler | EWWEB

Bill Schofield is taking a huge chance. He has made the decision to take a risk and the ball is rolling, one that will significantly affect his business and may change the entire segment of the industry he’s part of. He’s excited, but also wary.

Schofield, president, runs Group CBS, Gainesville, Texas, a company that is no stranger to making waves. It has thrived and grown over 34 years on the controversial margins of the electrical industry, buying, refurbishing, remanufacturing and reselling used and surplus electrical equipment. That end of the market is still reviled publicly by most manufacturers and traditional distributors, characterized as a haven of dusty warehouses stacked with dark piles of dangerous junk sold with a wink. But most of those manufacturers and distributors do business with him, Schofield says. Read More

Square D Bolt-Loc Switch cat # BLO3440 3-pole, 480V 4,000 amps with a 120V AC shunt trip.

AEAMC Saves Processing Plant

Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn’t. He hopped on a private jet and flew to Texas for a 4,000-amp high pressure contact switch.

ON APRIL 1, 2014, a Southeast chicken processing plant wasn’t fooling around when they called their go-to electrical contractor, Caldwell Electrical Contractors (Gainesville, Ga.), to say their processing plant was down due to a faulty electrical switch manufactured from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s. This vertically integrated poultry producer operates multiple facilities throughout the Southeast, producing a billion pounds of poultry products each year, and employing thousands of individuals. Until a replacement switch could be found, more than 1,100 employees would have to stand down. Read More

Former Yahoo Executive Joins Astro Controls, Inc.

Group CBS and Astro Controls, Inc. are pleased to announce that Randall “Randy” Roumillat has been appointed the new president of Astro Controls, Inc., a supplier of specialized circuit breaker and motor control electrical equipment.

“Randy is the ideal choice to take the reins of Astro Controls and provide technical and operational counsel to Group CBS. He is a big-company, big-systems guy who will drive our evolution, not only as a circuit breaker powerhouse but as an information powerhouse as well,” said Bill Schofield, president of Circuit Breaker Sales Company, Inc. and vice president of business development for Group CBS, Inc. “We are confident that, by focusing on systems and data, he will take us to the next level.” Read More