AEAMC Opens New Location in Elgin, IL

One hundred and twenty-six years ago, the city of Chicago became enlightened — literally. AEAMC is going to do it again this fall.

President Grover Cleveland officially opened the World’s Columbian Exposition on May 1, 1893. Also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, this event attracted more than 27 million visitors. Lit by thousands of incandescent lamps powered by AC generators, the fair marked a turning point in the “war of the currents” between AC (Westinghouse) and DC (Edison) power.Read More

The 2018 Q4 issue of Breaker Buzz has arrived!

Read All About It: The New Issue of Breaker Buzz Has Arrived!

Group CBS is wrapping up 2018, which will be our most successful year yet. We’ve got lots of reasons to be thankful: burgeoning operations in the Midwest from Circuit Breaker Sales and Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls, Inc.; creative product delivery from CBS Nuclear; and CBS ArcSafe’s integration of Martek products.

  • AEAMC Cashes in on Cryptocurrency Mining
  • High-Voltage Lab Testing Improves Performance, Safety of Electrical Systems
  • Justin Gaull Joins CBS ArcSafe
  • Western Electrical Services Personnel Pass NETA Exam
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy this issue of Breaker Buzz. Feel free to share it around the office. As always, thanks for your confidence, trust, and business.

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Randy Roumillat, COO, Group CBS

AEAMC Cashes in on Cryptocurrency Mining

To BTC OR not to BTC, that is the question. Whether it is more noble to just make standard distribution equipment and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and build something new!Read More